There are flavors that transcend culinary excellence and become extraordinary moments. Among them, the majesty of the Incomparable Caribbean Lobster Tail Risotto stands out, a creation that blends the freshness of the sea with the elegance of the finest ingredients.

At the base of this sublime dish lies the Caribbean lobster tail, the marine treasure that provides succulent and delicate meat. But this delicacy is not alone in its reign; it joins wild mushrooms, whose earthy flavors intertwine the ocean with the land. Fresh, crispy asparagus, full of vitality, adds a touch of freshness to the composition.

Elegance materializes in the form of freshly grated Parmesan cheese, whose intense and creamy notes blend with each grain of Arborio rice. Every spoonful becomes a hug between the land and the sea, a harmonious dance that caresses the palate with every bite.

As a final whisper of luxury, truffle oil awakens the senses with its unmistakable aroma. Every drop of this elixir from the black earth combines with the taste of the sea and the land in an aromatic dance that leaves a lasting impression.

The Caribbean Lobster Tail Risotto is much more than a culinary creation; it is a work of art that fuses flavors and sensations into a feast for the senses.

Embark on the adventure of savoring this feast of luxury and delights at the best restaurant in Tulum: BAK’, where, with a firm commitment to providing an even more exceptional culinary experience, we have decided to temporarily close our doors at our current location to move to a new and exclusive venue.

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