Join a very original Día de Muertos celebration at BAK’

BAK’ Prime Steakhouse & Raw Bar, is a restaurant located in the heart of Tulum’s hotel zone, so if you are in this tourist destination and you are looking to delight your senses with an incredible culinary experience in a mystical atmosphere full of energy you must visit BAK’ during the “Oda a La Muerte” festival from October 26th to November 6th.

The festival is the way in which Grupo Anderson’s pays tribute to one of the most deeply rooted traditions of the Mexican people: Día de Muertos. That’s why they decided to launch specials that will delight your palate. We are talking about a very interesting pan de muerto as well as two really authentic mixology drinks elaborated in collaboration with Diageo.

These creations are the work of chefs and mixologists from Mexico’s leading restaurant group, which in this edition of the festival presents a very special recipe for pan de muerto with snow filling in a traditional collaboration with Turin®.

The pan de muerto is prepared with a brioche dough mixed with orange zest and orange blossom essence. Covered with brown sugar and filled with hazelnut cream sauce and served with ice cream of the guest’s choice. At BAK’ you will have the option of vanilla ice cream, chocolate or cookies.

Accompanying this particular dessert with two representative drinks, the first one we named “Kuxtal’s Lament”, with its characteristic flavor of maple honey, peach liqueur, passion fruit and the exact touch of J.W. Gold Label. ® will be unmistakable on your palate. 

Kuxtal’s Lament

The “Red Disdain” drink will surprise you with its realism and combination of Don Julio 70®, Aperol®, cranberry, lemon, lychee and blueberry, a drink that is decorated with a very original garnish for this celebration.  

Red Disdain

We are your best option if you want to live an unrepeatable gastronomic experience, besides being one of the jewels of the Group. So now you know you can not miss the unforgettable experience of the “Oda a La Muerte” Festival  from October 26th to November 6th at BAK’. 



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