The Mayan culture was an advanced and sophisticated civilization which has contributed important teachings to the history and culture of the world. Thanks to its important legacy, many historians and archaeologists have dedicated years of research to this incredible culture, so this time we present some curious facts that will surprise you.

  1. The Maya writing system is one of the few pre-Columbian writing systems that has been deciphered. The Mayans used a hieroglyphic writing system and it has been discovered to be phonetic writing.
  1. The Maya developed a numbering system that included the number zero. An important invention in the history of mathematics and is essential to modern arithmetic.
  1. Maya architecture is known for its great pyramids and temples. Archaeologists believe that the Maya built these structures by using ropes and levers, without the use of the wheel or pulley.
  1. Astronomy was important to the Maya and it is believed that they had one of the most accurate calendars in the ancient world.
  1. Experts in agriculture grew a variety of crops, including corn, beans, squash and chili peppers. They also raised animals such as dogs, turkeys and ducks.

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