“Cha’an Ka’ak” the best fire show in Tulum

Get ready to experience a connection with nature in a magical environment. Protect your soul and energy with “Cha’an Ka’ak”, the best fire show in Tulum, brought as a gift from Kauil: God of fire that you can enjoy exclusively at BAK’.

BAK’́ has the reputation of having a mystical, exclusive and exotic menu, which from appetizers to dessert creates a mix of unique and original flavors. During the night, you can awaken each of your senses and witness unique experiences with our fire show, which we have from Wednesday to Sunday at 21:45 hrs.

The story behind our show “Cha’an Ka’ak”.

The representation of the show, tells us the story of Zamá: The place where the sun rises, where there was a village guardian of the four elements which when it was demolished were few guardians forced to live under the ground in what we know today as our beautiful cenotes.

“Cha’an Ka’ak” (fire party in Mayan), aims to pay tribute to the Mayan tradition, raising your energy to connect with your inner self. What makes this show really special is the combination of different elements in a sensory adventure that will make you feel as if you were in a dream.

If you want to spend a magical night at the best restaurant in Tulum and take your experience to another level, discover BAK’ fire show and awaken your senses with unique and exotic flavors to perfectly complete your night.
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