Guided by the desire to surprise and delight palates, we have crafted a seasonal menu featuring specialties filled with flavor and unique presentations adorned with 24K gold, available from August 1st to September 30th. Allow us to introduce our “Golden Specials” at the best restaurant in Tulum: BAK’.

Golden Egg and New York Prime

Cooked at low temperature with a liquid gold-infused yolk, resting majestically on a bed of dehydrated mushrooms, truffle puree, and a creamy roasted mushroom sauce, this dish promises to transport you to a realm of divine flavors.

Chocobanana Tart

A bewitching creation of chocolate and caramelized banana that will enchant each of your senses. Filled with a semisweet chocolate ganache, crowned with a creamy chocolate and gold hazelnut topping, and drizzled with golden piloncillo honey, this dessert will take you to a sweet and heavenly ecstasy.

To complement this magical feast, our cocktail alchemists have crafted a trio of elixirs that are true treasures for the palate.

Treasure Trove

A chest of enchanted flavors, where Bushmills 10 whiskey intertwines with the sweetness of coffee liqueur and the smoothness of coconut cream. The golden dust adds a mystical and magical touch, elevating every sip to a celestial level.

Cherry Gold Dust

A golden shimmer in every sip, this cocktail merges the finesse of Creyente Cristalino mezcal with the sweetness of Aperol and the freshness of strawberry and orange juice. A golden cherry, like a celestial jewel, adorns this delightful brew.

Gold Sunrise

In this golden cocktail, Dobel tequila blends with the tropical essence of pineapple juice and the sparkling citrus note of yellow lemon. Vanilla syrup and mint create an aurora of refreshing flavors.

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic experience of the Golden Specials, available from August 1st to September 30th, only at BAK’.
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Nestled in the heart of the Tulum’s Hotel Zone, BAK’ culinary proposal provides some of the finest meat cuts in the world, including certified Japanese Kobe Beef, Australian Black Onyx and USDA PRIME