Father’s Day is the perfect opportunity to thank that person who has been our guide and provided us with unconditional support. At BAK’, we understand the importance of creating magical and special memories, which is why we present you with a list of the best activities to celebrate Father’s Day in Tulum:

Water adventures

From snorkeling in the coral reefs, where you can explore fascinating marine life and admire the underwater beauty, to paddleboarding in the calm waters of the lagoon, in Tulum, you can connect with nature and challenge your balance, creating unforgettable moments with your family.

Explore Mayan ruins

Immerse yourself in the rich history and culture of the Mayans with a visit to the impressive ruins of Tulum. These archaeological sites offer a fascinating glimpse into ancient civilizations and are the perfect setting for a discovery-filled walk.

Bike tour

Embark on an exciting bike ride through the Mayan jungle and discover the natural beauty along ancient trails surrounded by abundant vegetation and wildlife.

Swim in sacred cenotes

Explore caves with crystal-clear waters surrounded by stalactites and stalagmites. This refreshing and spiritual experience will connect you with the energy of the earth and its natural wonders.

Enjoy an unforgettable dinner with a show
Surprise Dad with an unforgettable dinner at the best restaurant in Tulum: BAK’. Let him enjoy a gastronomic experience with the finest cuts of meat and delicious dishes along with excellent mixology. Recharge your energy with our impressive fire show: “Cha’an Ka’ak” and have an unparalleled experience.

At BAK’, we know that one day is not enough to thank our fathers for the effort and sacrifices they make for us every day. However, this Father’s Day, we want to show our gratitude and respect to him in the best way we know to: by giving him an evening to remember.

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