White Turffle


From a small town in Italy called Alba, an extravagant mushroom is harvested only during the fall season, specifically between November and December, and it is known as a true gastronomic gem.

The white truffle is characterized by its unique and delicate flavor, its fine and velvety skin, its pale ocher color, its reddish-brown inside, and its high price due to its scarcity in the market, making it the most expensive white gold.

white truffle Its high prices are derived from the complexity of its cultivation. To sprout and grow, the white truffle needs special terrain with equally unique climatic conditions: soil should be soft and wet for a better part of the year and it must be rich in calcium, also a good circulation of air is desirable.

The white truffle is usually compared to diamonds and occasionally is worth more than them. The record was set in 2010 when a buyer from Hong Kong paid over €90,000 for two extraordinary 950-gram pieces at the auction held at the International Alba White Truffle Fair.

Fortunately, in Mexico, we have an event that shows the best of this delicacy, and BAK’ by Harry’s is the host. The White Truffle Festival is a culinary event that no one should miss at the trendiest restaurant in Tulum.

white truffle As part of the celebration, this famous fine dining restaurant, BAK’ by Harry’s, offers a special menu designed to highlight the aroma and flavor of the season’s protagonist: the white truffle, in which you will discover a variety of dishes that you will not be able to find anywhere else.

BAK’ will host the White Truffle Festival from November 1st to December 31st, in addition to its special seasonal menu, you can also order white truffle in your favorite dishes from the regular menu.

Do not miss this spectacular opportunity at BAK’ by Harry’s, book now.



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