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“Kakaw” The legacy of the Gods that endures in BAK’

Cocoa is one of the most popular ingredient in the world and sacred in Mexico, originally and consumed from the oldest cultures such as the Mayans, this is how in the best restaurant in Tulum, Bak by Harry’s it is so important to preserve this exquisite delicacy that the Gods inherited us.

The history of “Kakaw”

Cocoa was a gift from Kukulkán to the Mayans when they created humanity made of corn (Ixim), by the goddess Ixmakuné. The communities held an annual festival where they honored the cocoa divinity, Ek Chuah, where chocolate-painted animal sacrifices were performed along with offerings of cocoa, incense, feathers, and exchange of gifts.
The Mayans were the first to domesticate cocoa, the process of preparing this drink consisted of roasting the cocoa, peeling it, grinding it and finally, mixing it with water and spices.

They recognized in it, important properties and benefits as a restorative medicine and even an aphrodisiac, due to its strong flavor that produced great vitality and energy.

Top 3 Cocoa desserts

Most people enjoy experiencing the deliciousness of chocolate on their palate. Its aphrodisiac smell awakens the lowest passions, taste it and chew voraciously. Visit BAK ’in Tulum and you will experience that extraordinary sensation with our Top 3 of delicious desserts made with this exquisite fruit.

Becab Pie

Delicious macadamia nut ice cream topped with our exquisite melted dark chocolate, Perfect for sharing!


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Chocolate Lava Cake

Fluffy filled chocolate cake, And vanilla ice cream, You have to try it!


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There is no better way to bring people together than our desserts✨ #ChocolateCake #BakTulum #GrupoAndersons

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Chocolate Cake

Bak’ cares about you, enjoy a delicious chocolate cake now Gluten free.


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Chocolate cake, a charge of happiness. #GlutenFree #Dessert #BAKByHarrys @gpoandersons

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