BAK’ Receives The Sacred Fire at Cha’an Ka’ak Ceremony


BAK ’ opens the door to a new sensory experience that fuses performing arts and the best of haute cuisine to get you immersed in the mystical aura of Tulum.


Now BAK’ by Harry’s offers you the opportunity to experience the perfect fusion between two forms of art that until now seemed to be unrelated: haute cuisine and performance.


Imagine you are sitting in a fine dining room in the middle of the Mayan jungle. A mystical and natural atmosphere swaddles you. Enveloping your senses with vibrant stimuli ranging from unique aromas, flavors, textures, sounds, and images, and invites you to enter a mystical universe.

And just when you thought your night could not get any better, an unprecedented happening starts to unfold right in front of your table allowing for you to vibrate in a new frequency while your essence merges with that of the Earth and the cosmos.


Espectaculo de fuego en BAK Tulum


That is exactly what you can now savor as part of our proposal, inspired by the Mayan cosmogony and paying tribute to the territory that gave life to it.


Cha’an Ka’ak: The Offering of the Great Mystic Fire at BAK’

This fascinating happening is embodied right at the least expected moment of the night.

In it, a series of characters that seem to have come out of a dream besiege the tables, wrapping them in the atmosphere and mystical halo of an interesting sequence that tells the story of a land that was once known as ZAMÁ, “new beginning or sunrise.”




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Within this performance narration—half legend and half cultural legacy, the story of ZAMÁ’s town is told. There, the guardians of the four elements coexisted and protected the Sacred Fire and nature. However, at a certain point, this town was displaced and doomed to collapse, leaving only a few guardians who were then forced to dwell underground, in the natural water connections that today are known as underground rivers and cenotes, which can be found all along the Mayan jungle.

According to this story constructed as a performance, the one who guides this tribe is its own queen, who manifests only for a very special reason, giving her protection and offering of the Great Fire only to sacred spaces
with the intention to raise the spirit and energy of those in them.

Thus, our guests experience the uplifting of their energy, upon receiving the protection of Kauil, the God of Fire.


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The show is called Cha’an Ka’ak (“fire celebration” in Mayan). As you can imagine, it is an out worldly experience.

With this, BAK ’stands as a gastronomic-cultural space unlike any other in Mexico. Ready to turn your dinner into a magical and unique moment, something you will not be able to find elsewhere.


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