Discover the most exotic treasures of the world that await you at BAK´By Harry’s


BAK´ is a brand new restaurant located in Tulum that yields the best elements of the place to offer an experience unlike any other.

It introduces a fascinating culinary proposal that takes you on a journey to far-off places through a variety of carefully selected products that make up its menu.


Exotic products of the world at BAK´

Presented as a window to remote corners of the planet, the Exotic Products of the World section of BAK´s menu includes true culinary jewels that you will hardly find anywhere else.

  • Mediterranean Giant Octopus
    Originally from the Bay of Biscay, less than 1% of octopus production fits into this classification, which makes quite a difficult product to find. It has a fine and delicate taste that will delight your palate.
    In BAK´ you can enjoy it with fresh arugula, dried tomatoes, and roasted potatoes.

pulpo gigaante mediterraneo

  • Alaskan King Crab
    Product from the Bering Sea. The Royal Crab is named this way because of its large size and weight, turning the capturing of this huge crustacean into one of the most dangerous activities in the world. It has white meat with a red-toned outer edge and its taste is simply exceptional.
    At BAK´ you can find it served with habanero tartar and baked pita.


  • Baked Wild salmon
  • Coming from Kodiak Island, this species belongs to the healthiest salmon populations in Alaska. Its capture occurs in its natural environment which explains its high nutritional value.

BAK´ offers it accompanied by a salad with figs and endives… simply delicious!

  • Nohoch U2 Shrimp
    These giant shrimp from Bangladesh are known to be the largest in the world thanks to the natural conditions of their environment. They are considered a true delicacy in Asian cuisine, and BAK´ brings them to you accompanied by coriander pesto and parsley.


  • Branzino with Polenta
    Coming from the Mediterranean Sea, branzino is a delicious fish with a mild taste and delicate meat, considered one of the finest fish in the world.

branzino cover blog exotics

At BAK´ you will find it baked and served with goat cheese polenta and beet corals, simply marvelous.

Do not miss this exclusive selection of exotic products and delight yourself with the incredible flavor that these culinary jewels have for you.



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Nestled in the heart of the Tulum’s Hotel Zone, BAK’ culinary proposal provides some of the finest meat cuts in the world, including certified Japanese Kobe Beef, Australian Black Onyx and USDA PRIME